April 29 World Dance Day Celebrations

April 29 World Dance Day Celebrations

The April 29 World Dance Day celebrations, announced by the CID-UNESCO (World Dance Council) in central France, were first celebrated in 2000 by the Bodrum Dance Club among Muslim countries, and are still being celebrated on a regular basis every year with great festivity.

This special day, which has been celebrated with various events in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir since 2006, took place in Bodrum as the biggest World Dance Day Celebration of Europe for 3 years in 2008-2009 and 2010, It has become.

On the occasion of the celebration festivals grew so much since 2011, the International Department of the festival has been separated and the celebration of the “International Bodrum Dance Festival” has been celebrated and the “April 29 World Dance Celebration Celebrations” has become a local celebration.

Dance performances from dance dancing schools, folk dance clubs, clubs and ballet Sirtaki in the April 29 World Dance Celebration Festivals, Folk Dances to Modern Dance are participated by trainers who conduct dance and folk dancing activities in schools connected to the Bodrum Peninsula.

It is expected to attend the big and small 1200 dancers who reside in the Bodrum peninsula on “April 29th World Dance Day 20th Anniversary Celebration” held on 29th of April every year at Bodrum Castle.