Workshops – Shows – Competitions – Parties – Parade


Treasure Hunt, Hip hop, Turkish Folk Dances, Guest Folk Dances, Children Games, Flash Mobs


We added a fun game activity in the program of Golden Package holders:

28 April Wednesday morning right after breakfast, we recommend you to start your treasure hunt with your team!

During this game, you will have chance to explore the city and local culture by fulfilling some tasks with your teammates. Treasure hunt will let you discover hidden attractions of Bodrum. We will have surprise gifts to the groups who will successfully finish the game


Even though Hip Hop is not fitting to our festival concept, in order to let our participants, learn another different style of dance, let them spend nice and enjoyable time, we organized amazing Hip Hop workshop for children and adolances in different hours in their program. You will never forget this stunning choreography!

Golden and Silver package holders will be able to attend workshops in 29-30th of April.

Omer Salgar, the winner of Turkish Hip Hop Competition, finalist of Turkey’s got Talent TV Show and founder of Secret Attack Extreme Dance Show group will be with you and leading you in the workshops!


Our instructors from Ankara, Amasya and Cyprus have prepared great games for the Turkish Folk Dance workshops to be held on April 29 and 30.

With this workshop you will learn different local dances together with Turkish and foreign participants and you will have a lot of fun while learning. You will have chance to disseminate and promote these local dances, which are a part of Turkish culture, to future generations while learning from different instructors, different regions, different forms of narration.

We hope you will love the Turkish folk games workshops.


You will have the opportunity to recognize different cultures in these workshops, which will be given by the instructors of the groups of folk dances from different countries.

In these trainings where Turkish and foreign groups will join together, you will have the pleasure of training with your peers and foreign trainers and you will have a great time while you are studying.

We recommend that you do not miss these workshops where all the participants who come to the festival by taking the Gold, Silver and Bronze packages can attend.


Depending on the preference of the workshop trainers during the festival, you will also be learning local children’s games as well as local street games.

These games, which Turkish and foreign trainers can give, will also be an opportunity to refresh the memories of memorable and cultured pieces.

Children’s games, will be one of the most colorful and entertaining parts of the festival.


During the festival, flash mob training and video shootings will be held for the next year’s festival promotion film.

Flash mob workshops and video shoots will be fun, as will all participants.

The video will be broadcasted throughout Europe and throughout our country as a promotional film for the 2022 festival.


Shows at the Hotel and on main Square


The Show Time section is one of the most popular and highly watched events of the festival program by parents of participants.

Show time, takes place after dinner at 21.30, at the hotel where the accommodation takes place in the show area. Show Time which consists of the shows prepared by the groups participating in the festival, the choreography must be different than the one to be used in the competition.

The costumes are compulsory but it is not obligatory that the shows.

Show Time is open and free of charge to the participants who come for the festival.


If the weather is nice, there will be the stage to be set up in Bodrum main square for dance shows.

The entrance to the square will be fully occupied by the people of Bodrum, shows will be free of charge.

Only folk dances will be shown in the show, and the duration of the show will not exceed 6 minutes.

The choreography to be displayed at the square shows may be the competition choreography of the groups competing in the folk-dance competition, but it should not be as long as the competition choreography.


Children and Adolences Competitions

Competitions will take place on Sunday, May 2nd, the last day of the festival, at the Bodrum Municipality Heredot Culture Center. The competitions section will be open to public and free entry.

In the competition children and groups of stars in the categories of 16-32 people will compete.

In addition to the money-winning performance awards, different awards will be given, such as the best music, the richest costume, the best choreography and the most authentic band.


Welcome Party

The Parties will start shortly after 21:30 pm.

The hotel will also have small and fun competitions to be held at the pool or in the party area.

You will have a lot of fun at the parties where musicians from different countries can contribute, sometimes with local rights games, sometimes with DJ performance and popular music.


Parade in Bodrum Streets

The walk of the Parade will be held between Bodrum Kumbahçe Square and Bodrum Pier Square if the weather is nice.

The Parade march will end on the stage where the demonstrations of the square will take place.

All groups will participate in the ceremony which will take place on the stage after the Parade march, and the shows of the groups will be started