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Bodrum Dance Club – Youth and Culture Center is a Civil Society Organization organizing festivals to revitalize Bodrum tourism as well as educational seminars, organizations, events, excursions, competitions and shows in the fields of Youth, Sports, Culture and Art. The Bodrum Dance Club, which started to work in Bodrum Municipality in 2000 and continued to work in the Bodrum Municipality for seven years, continued to work under the club roof by taking official club status in 2006. In 2015, the Youth and Culture and Arts Center has opened a modern service building in the basement entrance, with 122 volunteers and salaried employees, 8640 athletes so far. Website: www.bodrumdans.com


International Bodrum Dance Festivals

The “International Bodrum Dance Festival”, held on the last week of May, is one of the biggest dance festivals in Europe on the UNESCO cultural events list.

In 2017, 2740 dancers from 26 countries participated in the international Bodrum Dance Festival, which started as a local event in 2000, and with an ever increasing number of participants every year. 15 thousand people watched five day festival events.

The “International Bodrum Dance Festival”, organized by Bodrum Dance Club and being the biggest dance festival in Europe, has been taken on UNESCO’s list of cultural events by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of EU, the festival has become the only event in the history of the world with a multinational organization committee that reaches 122 volunteers from 26 different countries.

In 2018, our festival, which includes all dance types until 2017, has changed its concept and has been celebrated as four festivals internationally, including Folk Dance, Modern Dance, WDSF Bodrum Open and Latin Dances.


  • “International Bodrum Folk Dance Festival” – Between April 27 – May 2, 2021
  • “International Bodrum Modern Dance Festival” – Between 6 – 9 May 2021,
  • “WDSF Bodrum Open” – Between May ……, 2021,
  • “International Bodrum Latin Dance Festival” – will take place between …. May 2021.


International Bodrum Folk Dance Festival

Folk dancing courses, which are located in many cities and have a very high number, are doing very successful works in order to transfer our local folk dances to future generations. We have thousands of valued trainers who provide courses for local folk dances even in kindergarten and nursery school.

Many festivals, festivals, competitions and excursions are organized for children of different age groups in our country for children’s folk dances. These activities are on the folk dance team; group awareness, team spirit, group motivation, stage experience, stage excitement.

However, the extra costs incurred by the festival and the competition regulations prevent the increase in the number of such organizations. The material and logistical dimension of an international festival in particular has become the biggest problem of festival organizers.

Our Bodrum Dance Club organization team, which has successfully performed many national and international festival organizations in our country since 2000 and has been awarded by UNESCO for 5 consecutive years and has the right to use the UNESCO Logos, decided to organize the INTERNATIONAL BODRUM FOUNDATION FESTIVAL and COMPETITION in 2019.


  • Teenagers and Adolescences will appeal to age groups.
  • 3, 4 and 5-day accommodation options will be offered to address every budget.
  • During the festival, children and children from different countries and regions will be taught by Turkish and foreign trainers.
  • During the festival, dance shows will take place every evening at 21.30.
  • In addition to folk dances, there will also be fun trainings like Hip Hop, Flash Mob shoots.
  • A PARTICIPATION DOCUMENT will be distributed to the festival participants.
  • In the contests to be organized, first, second and third prize money will be given as well as special prizes in many fields.
  • Those who participate in the Competition will be given an APPRECIATION DOCUMENT.

While all these activities are going on, the pensioners will be able to take advantage of the hotel’s beachfront, poolside, sauna, spa, fitness center or Turkish bath without extra charge, three meals a day and unlimited drinks throughout the day.

In our five-star, all-inclusive festival, the hotel will only offer a special price for this event.

The first international festival to take place in 2019 will take its place in history as Bodrum’s first International Children’s Folklore Festival.



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International Bodrum Dance Festival

International Bodrum Dance Festival

The “International Bodrum Dance Festival”, which takes place during the last week of May is one of the biggest dance festivals in Europe and features in the UNESCO cultural events...

International Bodrum Folk Dance Festival

Addresses for the festival events

Bodrum Dance Club

Youth, Culture & Art Centre

Isis Hotel

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  • Gümbet Mahallesi Turkuaz Sokak 8/10 48400 Bodrum / MUĞLA

Bodrum Belediye Heredot Cultural Centre

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  • Konacık Mah. 48480 Bodrum / MUĞLA

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