Ayhan Bıçaklı, who was born in Cyprus in 1963, met Bale at the age of 7. He had to leave early eight months of ballet training due to the time constraints, and he was interested in modern dance and folk dancing in the next school years.

After finishing his military service in 1993, he continued his dancing life at university and at an association. After a while he started teaching.

  • 7 years Lefke at the European University
  • 8 years in ODTÜ
  • He gave trainings at Hacettepe University for 3 years.

She participated in many competitions with her dance groups.

Hacettepe University Cyprus Folk Dance Group competed among the first 5 teams by finishing in the VAKSA competition,

  • Second prize in Golden Karagöz,
  • First prize in Romania,
  • First prize in Bulgaria,
  • Antalya received the second prize in the Golden Bananus HD competition.

Ayhan Bıçaklı has been leading the establishment of 5 associations in Cyprus. Currently, he has been working as a choreographer and instructor for two different institutions in Güzelyurt city of Cyprus, as well as chairman of GUSAD Güzelyurt Art Association.